The SHAKE for HIIT Training

High intensity training is essentially taken at its literal form. HIT training is a method that can assure a burn, which can coincide in delivering the ripped summer physique you’ve been searching for. The beautiful part is that we haven’t even reached springtime yet. The time is now, why not be early, and ahead of the game. We’ll deliver this game plan in three steps; we’ll hit your wholesale supplement regime, then a tried and true training breakdown, followed by diet modifications that will seal your results.

So supplementation is key especially in a time sensitive manor. You’re going to need a solid multiple vitamin, a fat burner, and a protein supplement. Let’s keep it simple and inexpensive. Optimum Nutrition has a solid multi-vitamin, AB FX has a fat burning combo that changes the game with a topical ab defining cream, and an amazing diuretic to show your hard work even sooner than expected. Just remember to recover with an amino acid loaded protein shake. Eclipse Sport Supplements has a post workout shake than rivals any Ready to Drink product. Remember, you need at least 1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight as an athlete, and especially as an athlete hitting it hard to get those results.

For a fat incinerating work out plan we’re going to utilize giant sets to keep the heart rate and calorie burn at its peak while shocking your body into growing lean muscle mass. Follow this type of training routine for 6 weeks and watch the body fat percentage decrease and the lean muscle mass increase.

A great HIT workout can be one of my favorites, I do a giant set. This refers to 4 sets of 4 different workout back to back. You keep a fast pace with very little rest, this insures you will maintain a high heart rate. Let me get you started, we will do triceps and biceps. Start with straight bar curls, skull crushes, hammer curls and finish with kickbacks. Rest for minute and repeat 3 more times. For the second set let’s start with triceps press downs, standing rope curls, pull ups and finish with push-ups. Rest for a minute and repeat another 3 times. This is an example of an effective giant set for your arms. So, now I have helped you with half of the routine. You can now personalize the last half by including some of your favorite bicep and triceps exercises. If you need to target train you can target those areas as well. So essentially, choose 8-12 of your favorite lifts, and combine them into the giant set design, and finish with weak point training to tie in your body nicely. Do Arms day one, back and chest day two, shoulders and legs day three, and then repeat the split for day five, six, and seven with a rest day for day four. Keep it fresh, keep a solid pump, and keep the timing/calorie burn solid during the six week duration to maximize results.

Diet is key in any bulking, cutting, or toning phase. The simple things that you can change to reduce the caloric intake, fat intake, and sugar intake is to remove certain elements from your diet. In our diets as a society we consume a ton of simple carbs, so by removing sugars, dairy, and white bread/rice from our diets we can significantly reduce our calories while introducing more proteins and complex carbs with lean chicken, fish, sweet potatoes, and avocados into our diet. We substitute the bad for the good and we will enjoy the change and benefits with how our body will change during this period. Be consistent, be disciplined, and rock the best body you’ve had this spring/summer.