Muscle Sandwich Layered Protein Pudding

I have a horrible sweet tooth, so I have to be creative when the sugar craving strikes!

When I was growing up my mom would make a layered graham cracker and pudding dessert.It was one of my favorites so I had to come up with a version of my own:)

It is super simple to make. You will need one Muscle Sandwich bar, fat free/sugar free chocolate pudding, 4 graham crackers, and chocolate whey protein powder. (You can either buy boxed sugar free pudding or the instant in the containers.)

  1. First take your Muscle Sandwich bar and put into a plastic zip lock bag with (4) sheets of graham cracker. You want to break apart the bar and graham cracker into small pieces.
  2. Next take (4) servings of the sugar free chocolate pudding and whip one scoop of chocolate whey ( or peanut butter whey) into the pudding.
  3. Get a small square dish or two small glasses/bowls.
  4. Layer first some of the sugar free protein pudding into the bottom, then sprinkle a layer of the crumbled up bar, repeat again with a layer of pudding/crumble.
  5. Once you have layered all the ingredients, cover with plastic wrap and let chill in the fridge for an hour. The longer it sits, the crumble with expand into the pudding and get soft.