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    Muscle Foods USA – Nationwide Supplier to Sport Nutrition Retailers

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    Why should YOU buy your sport supplements online at Muscle Foods USA? You can multitask while ordering, you can order at your leisure AND you can place orders 24/7!

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    Muscle Foods USA offers an extensive catalog of sports supplements available at wholesale for gyms, health clubs, and specialty retailers throughout the nation.


    Muscle Foods USA athletes are the best of the best. They share their experiences competing on stage and blog about the sports nutrition supplements that help them reach their goals!

    Want high margin sports nutrition products?

    Muscle Foods USA

    separator_grey If you own a performance store, convenience store, gym, health club, health food store or web retail site and want to offer quality, high margin products to your customers, you’ve come to the right place! LEARN MORE

    Nth Degree: When You Need Performance & Energy

    As a sports performer, one of the most important things for you is to ensure that you are properly hydrated at all times. This however is something all people need to do, because the human body does depend on water for [...]



    Popular Workout Supplements for Women

    For many, it is a challenge to get up and commit to a workout routine. Most women [...]



    What exactly IS HumaPro®?

    We wanted to post the most common FAQs about HumaPro®, ALR Industries incredible protein supplement, so that our ALRI fans have the information at hand. Please feel free to post or send a private message on the ALR FAN PAGE [...]






    3 Healthy and Easy Snacks For Busy Men

    The modern man has his hands full juggling his work life, personal life, and health regime. More often than not, time restraints dictate how you fuel your body, and the easiest snacks are known to sacrifice nutritional value for efficiency. Studies have shown that skimping on high protein foods can lead to overeating and is one of the biggest causes of weight gain. Protein is an essential nutrient that helps the body grow and repair muscles and organs and men need to ingest roughly 56 grams of protein daily. The following are three quick and easy snacks for the busy man: Bars: Fruit, granola, and power bars reign supreme as ...




    MFUSA Top Sports Nutrition Supplement Picks

    Every fitness enthusiast, performance store, convenience store, gym, health club, health food store or web retail site will attest to the fact that sport nutrition supplements play a VERY significant role in helping athletes achieve great successes in their sports. Sport nutrition supplements provide required vitamins, energy and other nutrients that athletes need for training, bodybuilding, and stamina in any sport or competition. With sport nutrition supplements supplied by Muscle Foods USA at wholesale, you are sure you are getting quality products to take your training to the max. Founded in 2009, Muscle Foods USA has and will continue to provide the best sports nutrition supplements to performance stores, convenience ...

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