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Why should YOU buy your sport supplements online at Muscle Foods USA? You can multitask while ordering, you can order at your leisure AND you can place orders 24/7!

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Muscle Foods USA offers an extensive catalog of sports supplements available at wholesale for gyms, health clubs, and specialty retailers throughout the nation.


Check out what our clients are saying about us. We are pleased to find that our services can be so beneficial to sports nutrition businesses across the country!

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Muscle Foods USA

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MFUSA Top Sports Nutrition Supplement Picks

Every fitness enthusiast, performance store, convenience store, gym, health club, [...]



Utilization of GAT Supplements In a Comprehensive Peri-Workout Nutrition Plan

Peri-Workout nutrition is key to building the muscular physique we are all trying to [...]



Popular Workout Supplements for Women

For many, it is a challenge to get up and commit to a workout routine. Most women [...]






NVIE Nutrition | The Hardest Hitting Supplements On The Planet

The secret of every successful athlete, sport man or woman, apart from exercises and consistent training is largely based on nutrition from the food and drink they consume. No matter the efforts put into training, without adequate nutrition there is no guaranty the athlete will do well. It is very important for every athlete to understand the nutritional requirements for his or her sport. In other words, the nutritional requirements of a weight lifter will be different from that of a high jumper or marathon runner. To help the athletes meet their nutritional requirements, Nvie Nutrition, a sports nutrition company, has developed several nutritional products that enhance athlete performances in any sport. NVIE Nutritional products are produced under strict quality control guidelines and they are free of banned substances. Most successful athletes and sport men and women in the country and all around the world can testify to the facts ...




Lifting Weights Can Lift Your Spirits!

By CalNaturale Svelte Everyone wants to feel healthier and more confident in their bodies.  For a growing number of women, strength training programs provide the results, fun, and feel-good endorphins they need to reach their health and fitness goals. Unfortunately, the misconception that women who lift weights become large and bulky can confuse those interested in strength training. We’re here to help. Due to the fact that females have less natural testosterone than males, most women will never acquire the same degree of muscle mass as their male counterparts, even if they lifted weights just as hard. For women, lifting weights can actually aide in weight loss by building muscle and accelerating fat loss. (Source) Yoga is an excellent option for developing lean muscle mass because you use your body’s own weight for strength building, stretching, and increasing muscle stamina. Other exercises including Barre and Pilates classes also use lower impact, ...

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