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Muscle Foods USA – Nationwide Supplier to Sport Nutrition Retailers

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Why should YOU buy your sport supplements online at Muscle Foods USA? You can multitask while ordering, you can order at your leisure AND you can place orders 24/7!

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Muscle Foods USA offers an extensive catalog of sports supplements available at wholesale for gyms, health clubs, and specialty retailers throughout the nation.


Muscle Foods USA athletes are the best of the best. They share their experiences competing on stage and blog about the sports nutrition supplements that help them reach their goals!

Want high margin sports nutrition products?

Muscle Foods USA

separator_grey If you own a performance store, convenience store, gym, health club, health food store or web retail site and want to offer quality, high margin products to your customers, you’ve come to the right place! LEARN MORE

Arnold Sports Festival

Many of the thousands of sports nutrition products Muscle Foods USA offers can be [...]



Eclipse Sport Supplements Protein

The Shake (HIGH PROTEIN VANILLA OR CHOCOLATE) and Juice Bar Protein Blend (PROTEIN [...]



Human Evolution Supplements Announces Partnership with George “The Pro Maker” Farah

IFBB Professional Bodybuilder to Team with Top Supplement Maker on New Products Miami, FL – Specializing in creating the best pre- and post-workout supplements for athletes to perform at their highest level, Human Evolution [...]






Restored® – For Men ONLY

Okay, we are guys and we like it. We want more of everything that makes us male…like more muscle, more strength, more sex, more performance capacity in everything we do and faster recovery so we can do it all again…better. Oh, and less fat so we always look good doing it all. Right? Restored®’s Alkylamide-Rich Extract, Synergistic Alpha Male Hormonal Health Matrix Supports: Optimal Testosterone† Optimal Strength and Lean Muscle† Optimal Estrogen Control† Then you’re ready for Restored®! After 5 years in the vault, ALR Industries has finally released the Big Daddy of Testosterone boosters again, only better: Restored® is back, better & now available, with the challenge of exceeding ...




SmartShake Slim Down

Chances are if you’re reading this one of your New Year Resolutions may have been to slim down, or tone up! Either way we’ve got five simple tips to help with your new lifestyle! Drink More Water – Drink one glass first thing in the morning, 30-60min before each meal and drink one more glass than you did yesterday! Oh and drinking water out of the world’s smartest shaker couldn’t hurt. ;)With so many different shaker cups to choose from, you may be wondering what makes these shakers so smart?! Well, first off Smart Shake gives you the freedom to carry everything with you that you’ll need for an entire ...

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