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Why should YOU buy your sport supplements online? You can multitask while ordering, you can order at your leisure AND you can place orders 24/7!

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Muscle Foods USA offers an extensive catalog of sports supplements available at wholesale for gyms, health clubs, and specialty retailers throughout the nation.

MFUSA Athletes

Muscle Foods USA’s athletes are the best of the best. They share their progress for upcoming competitions, blog about their lives on and off the stage and more!

10 Useful Supplements for YOU

1. L-Glutamine Glutamine is the most commonly occurring amino acid in the human [...]



The 19th Annual Steamtown Marathon

This past Sunday, October 12th Jeff Georgia from Muscle Foods USA’s shipping [...]



The Best Foods for Building Muscle

Apart from your workout, what you eat is the most important aspect of building [...]






The New Look of The Signature Series

With so many different shaker cups to choose from, you may be wondering what makes these shakers so smart?! Well, first off Smart Shake gives you the freedom to carry everything with you that you’ll need for an entire day out and about. This may include your vitamins, protein, creatine, capsules, pre- or post-work supplements… whatever you have! This helps you on your path to living a healthy and active lifestyle! Additionally, the Smart Shakers are dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe. Score! During Olympia 2014 SmartShake launched their new line of athlete shaker cups. They are proud to sponsor the best athletes in the bodybuilding and fitness industry. Their athletes ...




The Power of Plant Based Proteins

Proteins function is build and repair muscle growth, development, and function. There’s a big misconception that we need a lot of protein in our diet to survive. The recommendation for adults is only 0.8 grams per kilogram of body weight. High protein diets have gained popularity as a method for weight loss. The problem is that many of the products consumed are animal products or even worse heavily loaded with chemicals powders and bars. These products are extremely acidic and difficult to digest. It’s important to realize that protein is not a free for all food. Just like carbs and fats protein contains calories. One gram of protein equals 4 ...

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