Protein Powered Treat


‘A Unique Protein Powered Treat with a homemade peanut butter, graham cracker taste! Each bar containing 13 grams of Quality Protein, A Natural Source of EFA’s and 100% Real Peanut Butter… Utterly Delicious!!’


And Utterly Delicious they are!! Oh my! Who knew a while “sandwich” could taste this good?! While I am not generally the biggest proponent of bars, as I like to get my nutrients from whole foods, there are always exceptions. For one, it’s not always feasible to eat a full meal and secondly, sometimes you just NEED a break from your chicken or fish! Well USA Sports has ingeniously come up with the perfect little treat that you don’t have to feel guilty about! Have a sweet tooth? Craving a little sugar, well before you reach for that snickers bar, have a look… Whatever your flavor preference may be, chocolate or vanilla, Muscle Sandwich has got you covered! One bar contains 290 calories, 16-17 grams of fat, mainly derived from the delicious dry roasted peanut butter and a whopping 13 grams of protein!! Now this may seem a bit high for some of the girls, and yes, it is. While the majority of men can eat this daily as a snack and burn it right off, us women have to count our calories a little more carefully…BUT…ladies, if you’re having your cheat day or you’re just really needing something sweet, well I say bye-bye Peanut Butter Cups and bring on the Muscle Sandwiches! You’re getting way more bang for you calories here. If you’re going to indulge a little bit, you may as well do it the healthy way! And, if you just need a little sweet fix, cut it in half or in fours! Then you can munch on it daily! It’s a hearty sized bar, so you can easily divide it into multiple portions! Word on the street…there’s a new flavor coming out!! I am so excited to see what delicious concoction they come up with next!! Go to the Muscle Sandwich FB page, like them and vote for what flavor YOU think it could be!! Also, be sure to follow them on IG and Twitter for the latest contests and giveaways and enter to win a box of these delicious protein packed yummy sandwiches!!


Available NOW at Muscle Foods USA -Nationwide Wholesale Supplier to Sport Nutrition Retailers! Call us today 877-444-4872!