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If you loved Total War before get ready to fall in love all over again! The NEW RTD (Ready To Drink) is the on-the-go version of Total War. We truly believe this is the only fully dosed RTD pre workout on the market! Total War RTD will deliver all of the same energy, focus, pump and performance benefits as the original powder, but comes in a more convenient and great tasting clear liquid. Now in terms of ingredients, we have packed every feature and dose from the regular Total War powder into the Total War RTD, except for two ingredients. The two missing from the list are Naringin and BioPerine but everything else is still in the mix.

  • 350mg Caffeine
  • 6g Citrulline Malate
  • 3.2g Beta-Alanine
  • 1g Taurine
  • 1g Agmatine Sulfate

Available in 11 Flavors:

NEW FLAVOR – Vice City

NEW FLAVOR – Pink Lemonade

NEW FLAVOR – Blue Raspberry

NEW FLAVOR – Strawberry Kiwi

Tiger’s Blood

Rainbow Candy


Green Apple

Orange Crush

Strawberry Mango

Sour Gummy Bear

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