Achieving Your Polished Body with Tone Fx

By, Charlotte Snow

Tone FX


“Transdermal Defining Complex” “Designed to Accelerate and Stimulate Fat Lipolysis Within Adipocytes via the “Unloading” of the Lipids of the Fat Tissue” “The finishing touch for the body you’ve worked so hard on…”


Tone FX

REVIEW: Tone FX, from Muscle Foods USA’s Body FX line, is a topical cream that helps to accelerate the fat burning process in those stubborn areas we ALL have. Let me start by saying, I have tried many other brands of these creams over the years. While some of them may have helped a bit here or there, I often felt that I would have been better off spending that money on an oral fat burner. BUT Tone FX brings something totally different to the table! You can actually FEEL the cream working…yes…that is what I said! You can feel it! Before you workout, whether it’s a cardio session or a weight training session, you rub this cream on those hard to loose areas. You can use it pretty much everywhere!! That’s the cool thing! You can put it on your glutes, hips, abs, triceps and thighs! So how do you feel it working?? Well, after you rub it in and you begin your work out, you will feel your skin heating up. Literally, the areas you rub the cream on get hot! That is the product seeping into those fat cells and breaking them up. It will continue to heat up throughout the workout and I find the more intense the workout, the hotter it gets! The other really awesome thing about this product is your skin will actually turn red where you have more body fat to loose!! Pretty cool huh? I’ve never seen a product do this. I love seeing this because it shows you exactly where you have excess body fat and need to focus a little more energy on during your training sessions. I don’t know about you, but anytime I can feel or see something happening on my body, I am a happy camper! I like to know my efforts and money are well used…

I love that I can visibly see my skin smoothing out after using this product. When I work out with my Tone FX on, my skin feels much tighter then a day I would work out without applying it. After continuous use in just a few weeks, I have seen a change in my body, especially right below my glutes…the area most of us women are always trying to tone up! I especially love using it close to show time. To tighten the skin as much as possible before I hit the stage. Anyone competing….I STRONGLY recommend you try this!

Listen, Tone FX is not a miracle. You cannot rub this cream all over you, eat a bag of Doritos and sit on your butt all day and expect to achieve the body you’ve always wanted. But nowhere does the product claim to aid the lazy… This product is designed to help those who maintain a healthy lifestyle comprised of both good diet and exercise reach that next level. Kick your training up a notch and get that fire started!! Try Tone FX…and “Achieve that polished body you’ve been waiting for!”

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