The 411 on Muscle Sandwiches


A protein powered treat!

With 290 calories, 24 carbs, and 13g of protein the labeling is totally accurate. A protein snack, meal replacement, something intended to keep you going throughout the day.

Don’t let the label or the candy-bar-like scrumptiousness mislead you. Muscle Sandwich is an Athlete’s and Active person’s savior. We need calories and carbs to fuel our crazy lifestyles, and while whole food is essential sometimes we need to introduce additional nutrients to take us to the next level. Muscle Sandwiches pack a fortifying energy punch to get you through a grueling workout or simply just a long day.



With the filling consisting of primarily peanut butter we know that peanut butter is calorie dense, and a great source of energy. In past studies small amounts of peanut butter pre-workout has stimulated testosterone production in males. Combine the nutrient rich peanut butter with a textural contrast of a crisp graham cracker coated in a thin layer of chocolate and you have yourself an amazingly flavorful protein snack.

In a personally conducted experiment, I’ve incorporated 3 Muscle Sandwiches per day into my diet. As a Strongman my diet consists of 10-12 meals per day totally 12,000 calories on average. So with the addition of the Muscle Sandwiches my daily caloric intake is around 12,900 calories. In my diet I actually limit sugars to less than 5g per day, so the increase in sugar was the biggest variance to my typical diet. I will consume one Muscle Sandwich when I awake, one pre-workout, and one post-workout. Naturally the increase in carbs, and calories will facilitate towards a better output during your workout. However, post workout I believe the small amount of sugars will increase insulin levels allowing you to remain in an anabolic state longer. More muscle will result in less body fat, and during the past month of my Muscle Sandwich experiment I’ve gone from a 300lb man at 17% bodyfat to a 285lb man at 12% bodyfat. I’ve increased in strength across the board in all of my lifts, and I feel more efficient day to day.



Muscle Sandwiches are stand alone in the market. Some similar products on the market come close as far as the label in concerned, but the size of the bars, the consistency, the flavors, and the ability to not feel heavy in your stomach don’t compare. Muscle Sandwich is a perfect sized bar, the flavor rivals any candy bar, it’s not hard or chewy so your jaw doesn’t suffer, and you’re able to eat the whole bar without any issues. Being involved with G.N.C. for many years I have sampled hundreds of bars, and as far as meal replacement bars, and energy bars Muscle Sandwich takes the award. Highly recommended to any active person or athlete looking to increase their output, and achieve more gains.

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