The Truth from Muscle Elements

As some of you may have seen Muscle Elements NOW offers a Protein Powder, The Truth!

This is the FIRST protein powder product to disclose EVERYTHING, plus it’s all Natural!

The Truth:

NO Hormones, (Certified Hormone FREE)
NO artificial colors
NO artificial DYES
NO bogus Amino Spiking
NO proprietary Blends, Full disclosure and full transparency
NO guessing, NO confusion,
NO Deception… Just The Truth

A simple easy to read label…

1 scoop = 24 grams of blended protein
9 grams of whey protein concentrate
6 grams of whey protein isolate
4.5 grams of micellar casein
4.5 grams of milk protein isolate

You get what you pay for, and Muscle Elements doesn’t hide behind a label… They stand by THE TRUTH!


To read more about The Truth visit <a href=”>Stack3d Supplement’s Blog</a>

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