The Renal Race – Kickin’ Kidney Cancer

It is estimated that 65,150+ new cases of Kidney Cancer will be reported in 2015. That’s among men, women and children. It is reported that $3.1 billion dollars are spent each year on kidney cancer treatment. That’s just too many lives and too much money to be consumed by this disease.

The-Renal-RaceThe Renal Race’s vision is for a world FREE of kidney cancer. Their mission is to walk or run one step at a time to do so! It’s OUR job to stop asking why this is happening and do something about it.

Angela and Tiffany with Muscle Foods USA, Angela’s husband Nick, and their friend Laura raced 5k for the cause on March 15th, 2015. They raced for their family members, loved ones, friends, co-workers, neighbors and for those we haven’t met yet.

The Renal Race makes a donation to Kidney Cancer research and advocacy programs.

“Together…We’re Still Kickin’ Kidney Cancer.”

Additionally, Mike Duffy a local PA radio host and friend handed out samples of Met-Rx and Eclipse Sport Supplement’s #TheShake to support this great cause!

How are you supporting your community? Let us know!

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