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Muscle Foods USA NGA Show booth
This February, Muscle Foods USA exhibited at the National Grocers AssociationExpo Show in San Diego. This event provided Muscle Foods USA unique oppor- tunities to educate independent grocers and retailers around the nation on the latest innovations in the Sports Nutrition industry, as the functional foods armof our industry steadily encroaches on the grocery space.

Miles above the earth, floating in the vast unknown we had just set out to explore, NASA engineers nervously chewed on the first modern nutrition bar around fifty years ago. Formulated by Pillsbury specifically for NASA, “Space Food Sticks”, as they were soon marketed and sold to the masses, were a “non-frozen balanced energy snack in rod form containing nutritionally balanced amounts of carbohydrate, fat and protein.” They came in several popular flavors like peanut butter, caramel, mint, orange, and chocolate. Needless to say, these bars, like Tang, initially sold on the novelty of Space travel alone. Unfortunately, the Space Food Stick was ahead of its time, and once the luster of space travel wore off, so, too, did the popularity of this bar.

Muscle Foods USA displays functional snacks at the 2019 NGA Show in San Diego
Functional foods and snacks continue to dominate the new innovations space in the Sports Nutrition industry, which is good news for your registers.

However, consumers and retailers alike now realized that, instead of serving just one purpose, products like the Space Food Stick actually satisfied multiple important needs: convenience, quality, nutrition, and cost. Rather than identifying this purchase as a frivolous spend, customers now felt as if they had bought a product which provided essential nutrients for their general well-being in a timely manner that was easy on the wallet.

A sampling of the sorts of marketing materials MFUSA offers its customers
Any effective retail execution strategy begins with strategy. Muscle Foods USA advises its customers vis-a-vis a 360º approach, incorporating design, data, and sound advice from a team of seasoned veterans who are no stranger to managing this category.

By Héctor GonzálezMarketing Specialist | Muscle Foods USA
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