The Mental Game of Fitness

As much as you think achieving your fitness goals is physical, it is just as much mental. Your brain is more powerful than you can imagine. Many people do not reach goals because of the games their minds play. Some may play the mental game I like to call self- sabotage. It is very common since reaching a goal you have never attained before may feel uncomfortable to you.

A great tool to use your mind to your benefit is visualization. The more you can actually see yourself in your mind, the more you will draw yourself closer to it. Close your eyes and see yourself feeling energized and healthy. For me I would envision myself on a stage competing since that was my long time goal. I would close my eyes and imagine the feeling of the lights hitting my face and the nerves of being in front of a crowd in my posing suit.

Whatever your goal is, feel that environment. For example, before you step into the gym visualize your workout. The feel of the iron weights, the beat of the music, and the sweat rolling down your face from the intensity. You will notice after doing that before you go, your workout will be amazing!
Another useful tool is to create a vision board. Put up positive and motivational words and pictures. Write out all your goals. I would put all of my goals on post it notes on my fridge, in my car, and on my bathroom mirror. The more you see your goals repeatedly, the closer it will draw you to your goal.
You will find yourself soon breaking barriers. That extra rep on the leg press will soon happen and you will surpass what you think you normally could not do.

Mind over matter!