New Year, New You

Ok, so you may have overindulged over the holidays. Its good to kick back at the end of the year and to refocus on your new goals for the next year.

So it is now time to get started on your new fitness goals. Here are some tips to help keep you focused and motivated to stay on track-


1- Change your meals up

Sometimes you can get bored of the same meals or selection of foods. Try to incorporate different food sources to make it refreshing and exciting. For example, I always would eat rice with my lunch meal, but switched to quinoa to add variety. Still clean, just different and I look forward to that meal.


2- Switch up your workout routines

I can get in the habit of walking into the gym and doing the same muscle group with the same exercises. Try some muscle confusion with different reps, machines, exercises, and workout splits. Try a yoga or cross training workout. It will keep your mind and body stimulated!


3- Write out your goals

I am a big believer in writing out your goals. Visually seeing your goals on your bathroom mirror, your fridge, your car will constantly put them in your view as a reminder. The more I focused on my goals, the more they became a reality. Seeing is believing.


4- Set dates

Besides having your goals written out, you should set tentative deadlines to have something to work towards. I do this for all goals including ones not fitness related. It will put a little fire behind me to try to get that goal accomplished or else I may tend to procrastinate.


5- Remember why you started

Reality strikes and life happens. You can get busy with work and things happen that may take you off track. At moments of having to make a choice to hit the gym or to eat chicken before grabbing something quick and unhealthy, remember why you started. Remember your goals and why it’s important to you to reach them.


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