So I hear it ALL the time….”I would eat healthy, but it’s just too expensive”. While this could be true, I would like to pose a challenge and say that this is merely poor excuse, a cop out if you will, that people make for their unhealthy lifestyles. Sure, buying organic food from Whole Foods, or organic food from any grocer can be pricey, but there are ways around this. First off, not all food needs to be organic. There is what we call the “Dirty Dozen”. These things, you should try, when possible, to purchase organic. Then there are the “Clean 15”, a list of the cleanest veggies that you don’t necessarily need to purchase organic. I will add the list below for you to review. But here’s the thing…if you’re shopping at a Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Sprouts, or a grocer you know carries only food that they provide their own quality control over, it isn’t really necessary to purchase organic, because these stores are guaranteeing you food free of pesticide and preservatives. Another option, go online and research when your town has their weekly Farmer’s Markets. A great site to locate these markets is Local Harvest – .

Farmer’s Markets bring in local farms with fresh, in season, locally grown produce that hasn’t been shipped in the back of a truck for days. It goes from ground or tree to you! And the prices are unbelievable cheap!!! Trader Joe’s and Sprouts are also VERY reasonable priced, cheaper then most big name grocery stores! A box of crackers, filled with preservatives, sodium and I’ll just say it, junk, at a grocery store that is $4.99 will be about half the cost at Trader Joe’s, AND it will be made of only natural ingredients! And here’s the kicker…they taste better! Don’t believe me? Try them! I dare you! Any idea why they might taste better? They are made with REAL, edible ingredients! No chemicals! Yes…I know it is hard to believe, but actual food DOES in fact taste better then chemicals!! Crazy, huh? Same goes for meat. If you don’t want to fork out the extra doe for organic, opt for all natural, hormone and antibiotic free meats. So let’s compare penny for penny here. If you can buy a pound of all natural, hormone free chicken for $4.99, a bag of frozen veggies for $1.99 or afresh for $4.00 -$6.00, and 3 large sweet potatoes for under $5.00, and that food would give you 5-8 meals depending on how much you need, we’re talking $16.00 on the high end compared to spending $7.00-$10.00 stopping for 8 meals at a fast food joint, on LOW end costing you $35, what’s cheaper? You do the math… And on top of saving the extra money, think of the calories, gas and time you’ll save going through the drive through every day. If this is you, I challenge you to replace half, just half of your fast food meals over the next week. See how you feel. Notice if you sleep better. See if on the days you don’t eat the junk if you feel more energetic compared to the days that you do. If I had to bet, I would be willing to guarantee you’ll notice a significant difference. You get one life…one body…so take care of it and live YOUR best life! Have a healthy and blessed week!

xo Charlotte Snow

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